"Preciosa" like a crystal

The tradition of glass making in the Czech Republic has a long history. In the Jablonec area it dates back to the 16th century and more precisely the first glasswork was established in the area of Mšeno.

When we talk about crystal, we have to speak of one of the largest manufacturers in this field: Preciosa Ornela.

Preciosa Ornela is a new company founded in 2009, part of the Group Preciosa preserving the long tradition of glass making in Jablonec.

This company is leader in producing glass in many shapes, colors and sizes and the quality of its materials is virtually undisputed. Within the wide range of products offered by Preciosa Ornela we can find a wide range of beads: from seed beads to the drops, from the bugles to the butterflies, ending with the new and most popular twin beads. The latters are beads which have two holes and with which we can create many and colorful variants of jewelry. Combining all the Preciosa Ornela "seed beads" we can create truly unique and special jewelry.
Here are some examples of creations with twin beads by Preciosa Ornela designed and made by me:

Dark Volcano Pendant

                                                              Waterlilies Earrings

                                                               Bronze Sun Earrings

Autumn Stars

I also made a tutorial of Autumn Stars in which I explain how to make this kind of form with the Twin Beads Preciosa. This star can be used in very versatile ways: for earrings or pendants, for a bracelet or a pin.

On the website of Preciosa and on their facebook page you can also find plenty of projects to create jewels with the Preciosa seed beads and also with Twin Beads. Some of them can be found here: Preciosa Ornela Tutorial

In short, with the Preciosa Ornela beads you can give vent to your imagination!
Have fun and good creativity!